thumb hvar sunsetWe are a small local company founded by a group of outdoor enthusiasts who respect nature, tradition, and who like to spend a lot of time outdoors. We enjoy hiking, exploring and researching a number of specific attractions on Hvar island and presenting them to tourists.

We are familiar with many hiking paths on the island of Hvar and we can guide you to every village, canyon, bay or beach on the Island - with our eyes closed! Our mission is to offer you maximum flexibility so that you can enjoy your hiking adventure without any hassle and take it at your own pace.

Our dedicated team will guide you to the most interesting places, such as old villages and ancient ruins, striking mountain peaks, and beaches with crystal clear water, depending on your preferences, the duration of your activity, and the weather conditions.

Hiking Hvar offers you fun-loving expert guidance and provides you an exciting - but most of all a very safe - adventure, giving you a chance to enjoy the environment and hidden spots that even some locals don't know about.

Our mission is to offer you a premium quality outdoor adventure with loads of interesting information during our tours, in addition to guiding you to the best locations and attractions. Due to the rich past and culture of Croatia, and especially Hvar island, we must inform you that almost every place and even every stone on Hvar has its own, unique story we can share with you. Customer satisfaction and tour quality recognition are the best compliments for us.

Our centre’s location is in Bonj Bay in front of Hotel Amfora, a ten-minute walk along the coast from the town of Hvar’s main square (or the Pjaca - as locals call it).