Napoleon fort was built in 1812 during Napoleonic wars, today is a home of Hvar Observatory, research outpost devoted to astrophysics


Level: medium / difficult
Duration: 6 - 8 hours
Distance: 15 - 20 km
Group size: 4 – 15 people
Where: Hvar bus station
When: Starts every day (for bookings with 4 or more people) or on Tuesdays (for bookings with less than 4 people) at 9:00 AM, however we are flexible and the exact time can be arranged with you
Price: 450 HRK per person (without the tour options)


Did you know that French rule in Croatia began in 1806 and lasted until 1813 when Napoleon's troops were defeated in Russia and the Austrian military again invaded and occupied Croatian territory? The Napoleonic fort in Hvar was built in 1812 on top of the 230-meter hill above the town of Hvar and today is the home of the Hvar Observatory (department of the Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb). The research outpost is devoted to astrophysics and has the largest stellar telescope in Croatia with a one-meter mirror.

Our tour starts at the bus station in Hvar. From there we climb up a steep and small hiking path that goes through a very beautiful small pine forest until we reach the Napoleonic fort after about a half-hour. There you can enjoy the beautiful view of the town of Hvar and numerous nearby islands like the Pakleni islands, Vis, Brač, and Šolta.

It is the perfect place for great photos or selfies. Taking a small dirt road, we will then pass through many ancient dry-stone walls, olive groves, and endless rosemary and lavender bushes. The aroma of Mediterranean flora here is extremely intense and breathtaking.

We then we pass by several hill peaks, and following a small path, we descend again, to a canyon where the famous abandoned village of Malo Grablje is situated. It usually takes about 3 hours (8 km) to hike from the Napoleonic fort to Malo Grablje.

At this exceptional location of unreal beauty, harmony and tranquility we take a break. Stori Komin is a traditional Dalmatian “konoba”, or inn, run by a local family and is a great place to taste local cuisine and wines. After a break, for the next 45 minutes we make our way down the canyon with numerous olive groves to our final destination - a picturesque coastal village, Milna. There you have several options: you can take regular transportation back to Hvar or go for a swim, and then have lunch in Mala Milna restaurant and / or, you can walk 1 hour by the sea from Milna back to the town of Hvar.

Tour options

1) Light lunch at konoba Stari Komin (price 100 HRK per person, +1 hour)
  • Taste traditional light lunch: ham and cheese, olives, tomatoes, marinated fish with capers, including drinks (wine and mineral water)
  • Note: Konoba (restaurant) „Stari Komin“ is one of the best places in Hvar to try very delicious traditional baked dish made in fireplace, under a bell called “peka”. Peka can be made from lamb or veal meat, however due to long preparation it has to be preordered one day in advance and there should be at least 4 persons or more to order that dish. In the case you are interested to try peka, please write us the note and we can arrange it with the restaurant. For other dishes like grilled fish or meat there is no requirement to order it in advance.

2) Swimming and lunch in Mala Milna (price 75 HRK per person, +2 hours)

  • Take a break from hiking and jump into the crystal-clear turquoise colored sea in Mala Milna bay
  • Taste the local food in Mala Milna restaurant (food in not included in the price)

3) Hiking from Milna to Hvar (price 75 HRK per person, +2 hours)
  • Hiking from Milna back to Hvar follows a small, rocky trail and it takes around 2h, depending on the tempo



  • 450 HRK per person

Tour options

  1. Light lunch at konoba Stari Komin (100 HRK per person)
  2. Swimming and lunch in Mala Milna (75 HRK per person)
  3. Hiking from Milna to Hvar (75 HRK per person)


  • Book your tour at least 3 days in advance and get 10% early booking discount
  • Get additional 10% group booking discount for 4 persons or more.

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